Zerobudget is returning to our roots with our latest signing of Rainafire, the aptly named solo project from Raina Thelen (ex. Zero Eclipse). Not only is she from our hometown of LaCrosse WI, but its despair is reminiscent of earlier releases from the label all those years ago. Rainafire’s latest demo caught our attention immediately with its dark, depressing melody lines, beautiful cascading vocals and brooding overtones. Its not metal, its not heavy, but it certainly fits at ZBR. Her introduction to you folks will be with our 2014/2015 Winter Sampler and her first single “The Ship is Sinking”. Full length will be tracked with other Zerobudget musicians in 2015. Stay tuned for more, we are excited to welcome her to our family!

For Fans of: The Gathering, The Birthday Massacre, Atomica.

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