Allan (vocals)
Erin (drums)
Kevin (guitars)
Neal Pruett (bass)
Aaron (guitars)


The Mastiff is a towering, aggressive and feared bullybreed of a dog. Too bad we can’t say the same about the band. Oh a little ZBR humor in the morning. In all actuality, Mastiff is a very appropriate moniker for the Twin Cities based Metal 5 piece. The band’s Facebook bio is simply two words: Fucking Metal! The band derives its sound from traditional metal and thrash, with just a touch of sludge.

Neil and Allan from ZBR heavyweights We are Legion, hooked up with friends Kevin, Aaron and Erin to put together an additional project where the goal was to create HEAVY music. The result was Mastiff. When ZBR first heard the band opening up the Climactic “Set the Rapture Ablaze” Cd release show, we had to sign them to the label. Despite already have strong ties or the possibility of being viewed as a “side project”, we didn’t care. The band is a great band so we brought them aboard. Since then they have been extensively playing all over the Midwest building a fan base and burning ear drums. They also toured with former label mates Witchden.

The band is completing the writing phase for their Zerobudget “From the Ash of Elders” which will be released on 4-20 2016. Be sure to keep on eye on the beast in the corner.

National Credit: Shawn Witaker, American HeadCharge, Prong, 1349.