Dustin Fennessey-Bass, Vocals
Mike Trepanier-Guitars, Vocals
Tim Simmons-Drums


The Twin Ports are a quiet, historic but in some ways dismal area to grow up. Its cold and dreary most of the year due to its northern location. It boasts an odd landscape of both modern american innovations and old americana falling apart. Its an odd dichotomy, but it boasts one of the best music scenes in the Midwest. Ire Wolves are one of the bands that have helped to put and keep this music scene relevant.

Zerobudget first hooked up with these individuals years ago from a former project and kept the lines of communication open when that project disbanded. Years later a new monster evolved into today’s Ire Wolves. Forming originally under the name Soma, the band began honing their sound and crafting their unique approach to Doomy Sludgy Post Rock. The band has a demo recorded and is working on their Zerobudget Debut as this is being typed. Look for an update soon.

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