In Solace

Michael Sly – Vocals
Lucas Yahnke – Guitar
Dakota Testa – Guitar
Gage Olson – Bass
Ian Miller – Drums


In 2015, our 29th year, Steve Harm (owner of the label) and Will Maravelas (Coordinator for the label) decided it was high time to return to our roots. The Twin Cities and surrounding area have become the home for the label, but that does not mean there are not great bands all over the country, especially where all of this began: LaCrosse, Wi! As a goal we decided to pursue a few worthy bands that call LaCrosse and the Warehouse Venue HOME. We have already announced the signing of American Zero, we are now proud to announce the signing of In Solace!

In Solace came across our radar as many bands do, seeing them live. The experience was phenomenal; both exciting and captivating. The band is in the process of recording their debut with Zerobudget as this is typed. Stay tuned for more and please help us in welcoming In Solace!

National Credit: Nothing here yet.


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