Roman Johnson- Guitars
Ian Zachary- Guitars
Josh Burke- Bass
Ben Fagerness- Drums
Donald Bjorklund Durkee- Vocals


Graveslave: this is DEATH METAL! True, old School death metal for fans of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse,Obituary and the like. “Corpseborne” has been unleashed through Zerobudget Records! Not a whole to say other than we are proud of these folks on the roster. Grab “Corpseborne” through the store!

“We should make it absolutely clear right now: this is Death Metal, not Deathcore. The boundaries between those two genres have become increasingly blurred of late but GRAVESLAVE have definitely taken more from the fetid Florida swamps than they have from Arizona and Southern California.”
-Metal Temple

National Credit: Nothing here yet.