Death House is a project born out of chaos and immense force brought on by four, sometimes five, sometimes six members. Out of this violence rises a malignant order of heavy music designed to hurt, to wound the sensibility of those satisfied with comfort music, with music that offers no challenge, and thus no reward. This music is written for those who want something more from heavy music than the status quo, for those of us who are never satisfied unless the music wrenches our guts, causes us to feel crushed under the full weight of its intensity, yet empowers us to heave this burden of death and ugliness in the face of all opposition. Death House is about rejecting anything that doesn’t shake us to our cores, to be a conduit for musical expression from the depths of the terrified mortal soul.

Death House is the side project to well known Minnesota band Allistair Hennessy. The Zerobudget family has been close with its members and the band for many years so when this project came across our desk, we had to act. The band is currently tied up with that current project’s recording, but Death House plans to enter the studio in 2015 to record a followup to their current demo. We could not be prouder to be helping grow this project for you folks!