Justin Boehne-Bass
Jef Ries-Guitars
Tony Lendt-Drums


Three Guys – No Meaning – Just Riffs. This is the modus operandi of Cymothoa. Formed in August of 2012, Cymothoa is continuously evolving their style and sound. With years of experience writing together, Justin, Jef and Tony (Former Less Than Nothing and Lavinia members) are constantly challenging their own boundaries with their music. The vast influences of each member combine to create an original perspective on instrumental music. From heavy crushing riffs to circus themed insanity to calming serene sounds, Cymothoa puts it all into their music. The release of their first EP “Replacement Tongue” displays the expansive sound of this trio.

– “Cymothoa banged out one take, no edit, no sound replacer drums and straight down bass and guitars like the champs they are. Thanks for doing all the work for me, fellas! For fans of Burnt By The Sun, Mastodon, and all things chewy and groovy.”
– Adam Tucker – Signaturetone Recording

– “In a world of 140-character hot takes, Hollywood remakes and Bitstrips, the likelihood that the worlds of a sophisticated, progressive instrumental band and commercial success will ever collide is remote. But faced with the tradeoffs required to achieve the watered down mainstream success of Five Finger Death Punch and Bud Light, Cymothoa has thankfully opted for the path of self-fulfillment. Those of us with taste and an appreciation for craftsmanship look forward to many years of introducing the band as one of the Midwest’s best-kept secrets to others.”
– Neil James – Cwn Annwn

Zerobudget has had a rich history of instrumental bands both past and present (Chris Malone, Sometime Tomorrow, etc). We are proud to offer you “Replacement Tongue”.

For fans of: Intronaut, (old) Mastodon, Burst, Old Man Gloom.


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