Cwn Annwn

Jake – Drums
Neil – Guitars
Harry – Guitars
Mike – Bass
Julie- Vocals


Cwn Annwn, is one of the most successful, long lasting and quiet secrets of the Midwest. The band now Fifteen years plus into their career, and 4 deep. They have become of the staples of the Minneapolis area metal scene. All the while doing it on their own terms. Their latest offering “Metamorphosis” is an incredible mix of thrash, death, gothic and power metal. The band with help of Producer Ian Combs (Dying Euforia, 3 Pill Morning, Cold Kingdom), have really created a monumental album. Zerobudget is proud to be a part of this release!

“Change your name,” people say. Cwn Annwn (pronounced Coon-uh-NOON, loosely translating as The Hounds Of Hell in Welsh mythos) combines a wide array of musical influences to form a sound that is familiar, yet unique. Guitarist Neil James’ riffs evoke classic Maiden and Metallica, and are expertly complemented by Mike Strohkirch’s quirky Primus-influenced basslines. Guitarist Harry Rostovtsev brings a technical aspect derived from Dream Theater prog and Gothenburg pioneers At The Gates, while the intricate, yet accessible rhythms of drummer Jake Stone recall percussive prodigies Rush and Gojira. Rounding out the band’s thunderous sound are the dynamic vocals of Julie Stelmaszewski, whose potent timbre summons a power and intensity reminiscent of metal greats Bruce Dickinson and Dio.

“This Awesome band from Minneapolis really did surprise me, excite me and overwhelm me with their great music. Don’t let their unpronounceable and weird band name withhold you from buying this EP, because this band is very much worth exploring.”
– Metal Maidens, 2008
“The Big potential of (Cwn Annwn) shines through all the way.”
– Metal Covenant, 2008

With three albums deep currently: “The Method of Murder”, “Blood of the Djinn” and “The Alpha and the Omega” (to which the above reviews directly speak), why would Cwn Annwn be interested in working with a label when they have been so prosperous working independently? This is not the first time Cwn Annwn has worked with ZBR in fact they have played many shows with the label over the years, even helped fund and organize a compilation release entitled “It’s too Damn Loud”. That was a great partnership and the communication lines and most importantly, the friendships were there. Secondly, Zerobudget and Cwn Annwn are a perfect fit ideologically speaking. ZBR is not interested in changing what Cwn Annwn does,rather we are interested in supporting their musical vision. That’s why they chose to have their 4th album’s home to be with us.

We are very proud to announce another incredible, long lasting and talented band to our roster. Please welcome officially: Cwn Annwn. Get your copy of “Metamorphosis” in our store!

Cwn Annwn has shared the stage with these recognizable names in the metal world: Trivium, All That Remains, Iced Earth, Skeletonwitch, Gojira, Holy Grail, Exodus, 3 Inches of Blood, Chimaira, Prong, Testament, Divine Heresy, Crisis, Five Finger Death Punch, Watch Them Die, White Empress and others.


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