Joe Anderson- Guitar/ Vocals
Jake Anderson- Drums/ Vocals
Corey Fitzgerald- Guitar/ Vocals
Joe Kreuzer- Bass/ Vocals


Cantharone is a metal band. What does that really mean? Not much. In this day and age anything is possible, and while some are skeptical as to what that truly means, Cantharone welcomes it with an open mind. As a label it is almost necessary for us to pigeonhole our bands in order to portray to the listener what they are getting themselves into; but to be truthful that is extremely difficult with Cantharone. They are a band that has truly stumped across their own breed of metal.

The band was already followed by many of our labels members and were truly brought to us by the other musicians around us. Their upcoming album “Sons of Crow” will be release by Zerobudget this spring. Release date is currently to be determined.

The band formed in 2010. Finding their sound as an aggressive trio, they began writing a conceptual album about a werewolf. Two years later they added a second drummer and guitar player, daring to create a bigger, more explosive sound. In 2012, they released The Hunting EP and music video at a house show in Saint Paul.

The band then hit the road, playing throughout Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. In August of 2013, they organized the first ever Canthrammer Music Festival. The festival brings together local metal and outlaw country bands in a benefit for Wounded Warriors. It has become a yearly celebration for Cantharone, and it has raised over $3000 to benefit wounded veterans.

After two members left the band last winter, they added a new bass player, one of the drummers began playing guitar, and the vocal approach has totally changed. The now 4-piece metal band has been in the studio recording their new EP, Sons of the Crow, since October. Look for it this spring.

Though going through many changes, Cantharone has never skipped a beat. When faced with challenges, they take them head on and create something new and exciting. They are not a band to pass up. They are an unstoppable force of metal and they are here to stay.

Get your copy of “Sons of Crow” soon! Stay tuned for a release date and preorder info!

For Fans of: METAL!


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