Chris Rossing//Vocals
Brandon Wells//Guitar
Brad Schwab//Drums
Dave Luniewski//Bass

Beastface is a Minneapolis based metal band formed (officially) in 2010. They make high energy music that doesn’t forget how important it is to make the songs catchy, and focuses on keeping the listeners attention. The music intense and the songs layed out in a unique way, without making the listener wonder “how did this song get here?”.

Their latest release and Zerobudget Debut “The Return of Beastface”, is quite the ambitious offering. Not only did the band write, record and engineer the entirety of the project themselves; they are ferociously involved the business side of the image, music and presentation. Zerobudget can NOT be happier having a band like them on our roster: unique music, captivating stage presence and most importantly a great band who know how to perform their craft.

When Beastface takes the stage, you can feel chemistry that isn’t solidified overnight, but forged over years. Playing together for over 10 years, the classically trained Brandon Wells riffs on his guitar as if he were summoning demons, while Brad “2 hands/no prob” Schwab lays down the thunderous beats from behind his kit that will probably give you heart palpitations. Joining the fold in 2010, Dave Luniewski pounds out bass licks that make a statement of their own. All this, while vocalist of over 8 years, Chris Rossing, serenades you with seemingly endless range that will make you contemplate heaven & hell, and make you feel like you are in both places, simultaneously.

After solidifying the line-up in 2010, Beastface quickly went into the studio to document the songs they had been performing with previous members for years, but feel they had finally perfected with the new addition of Dave Luniewski. The release of their 2011, self-recorded, debut album was a stepping stone that launched them into song writing mode. Even though they have a love for their early songs, and the era that they wrote them in, it was time to create something new. To form these new tunes, was a different process. A real collaboration, involving all four members input and styles.”Return of Beastface” However shows a band that has seriously grown and are perfecting their sound. Get your copy at our store!

Notable acts Beastface has shared the stage with include: Primer 55, All Hail the Yeti, Elysium, The Black Order, Dead Horse Trauma, Another Lost Year, He is Legend, Snot, Dog Fashion Disco, Pyschostick and many more


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