Jeremy Wagner – Songwriting, Guitars, Vocals
Studio Credit:
Will Maravelas – Drums, Engineering
Andy Klockow – Bass

Astride the Line was formed by Saint Paul musician Jeremy Wagner after his departure from progressive rock band The Royal Veil. It began as a modest solo effort by Jeremy, assembling loose riffs and song ideas as they came, representing his influences across hard rock, punk and metal genres.

Zerobudget signed the band in early 2013 when label coordinator Will Maravelas had heard some of the early material slated for the debut record. Will was asked not only to engineer them album but record the drums as well. Andy Klockow from The Royal Veil was also recruited to lay down bass tracks.After having assembled 10 tracks of solid material, Jeremy entered the studio to begin the project.

Recording for “Fallow Fields” began in the Summer of 2014 and lasted well into winter 2015. Jeremy wanted to ensure each song got the attention it deserved, so the songs were crafted, reworked with many parts added to ensure a quality offering. The album features a ton of instruments, Jeremy’s extensive pedal collection and even live strings!

“Fallow Fields” is slated for a March/April 2015 release on Zerobudget Records. Stay Tuned for more!


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