Andraste’s Rage

Zachary Letourneau (drums)
Matthew Hamilton (guitars, Vocals)
Greg Feinberg (bass)


Andraste’s Rage formed after the breakup of Zerobudget artist’s These Worlds Collide. Members Matthew Hamilton (guitars, vocals), Greg Feinberg (Bass Guitar) and Guitarist turned drummer Zachary Letourneau began Andraste’s Rage with the soul intent of creating music that made the three members happy and excited to play music again. That goal was acheived immediately as all members re-solidified their friendships and dedication to crafting music. They rebranded themselves Andraste’s Rage, a fitting moniker given the rise from the ashes mentality of it’s members.

Zerobudget signed the band almost immediately after hearing the first snippets of what would become their songs. The sound was fresh and honestly not what the label was expecting. The breakdowns were replaced by weaving riffs, the melodies got more ambitious and the vocals took us somewhere new. The band sounds much bigger than a three piece suggests, but this is nothing new to power trios (Rush, Motorhead, Venom, etc).

Unlike the bands previous endeavor: These World’s Collide album “Shake the Foundations”, which took several years to complete and a couple “retakes” with new members; The Andraste’s Rage Record “Blood Moon” took less than a year to create, write and record. Once again Zachary Letourneau engineered and produced the masterpiece. “Blood Moon” although an EP (5 tracks) clocks in at the length of most “full lengths” these days.

Blood Moon officially hits stores Tuesday April 28th, 2015. As always you can pick up your copy at the ZBR store directly, at shows or one of the stores that carries our releases!

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