American Zero

austyn cody – vocals
Tom parrish – bass
jymi Calkins – guitar/vocals
Klayton McGough – guitar


It’s been awhile since Zerobudget Records has signed an up-and-coming band, especially one from our original home base LaCrosse Wisconsin. It’s time for us to return to our roots. Please welcome American Zero, an energetic combination of a hardcore, rock and roll, and metal from La Crosse WI.

As a band, American Zero strives to create a new sound while maintaining heavy chaotic influences. Unlike many bands, the main goal of the performance doesn’t just end with writing the music, but also with as much energy on stage as possible, American Zero does not just consider themselves a group of musicians, but rather a group of performers.

To Experience the band YOU MUST SEE them live, you will understand that they are not the show, but everyone in the crowd and the venue itself are at risk of being part of the performance. The music is about life and passion, and that is exactly what American Zero brings to the stage. In 2014, American Zero released their first album titled “Awake, AWARE” (not released through ZBR), but is a proud start for this burgeoning group!

In April 2015 American Zero released their first official music video for the song “A Lover’s Masquerade”. Their upcoming EP will be released through ZBR!Stay tuned for more info!

National Credit: Battlecross, reflections, night verses, ongoing concept, Evergreen Terrace.


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