Wow we have been busy!

Being that we are such a small operation its hard to keep on the little things like updating the damn website: yeah we suck i know.

So we have added three new artists to our roster:

First is old school death metallers GraveSlave have joined the team. These guys put out the incredible “Corpseborne” with us a few months back and we haven’t given it the press time it deserves. Lots of reviews are on the way and we will be sure to post!
Secondly is the Minneapolis Thrash Quartet Lockgnar! These guys blend death and thrash metal seamlessly with a killer old school vibe. Think King Diamond hanging out with Kreator and Slayers illegitimate love child. “Hessian Assualt” Was just released this month and will be hitting store shelves shortly.
Lastly isn’t necessarily a new face to the label, but certainly a new sound. Paul Esch, of We are Legion “fame”, has decided to release his third world music Flamenco album through us. This will be his zero budget debut. Paul is already part of our family and there are no boundaries musically for us, so this will be a great release for ZBR!

2016 is already shaping up to be an exciting 30th anniversary year for us! Can’t wait to share much of the news with you folks. Stay tuned!