So Many Great Albums so far this year!

We are little over midway through the year and we have already had some amazing releases. All of gotten several killer reviews (and some not so killer ones-to be fair), but we wanted to take a moment to highlight them and give you a chance to own many of them CHEAP! We are running a $5 sale on several titles of many of these included. Keep in mind ALL PROCEEDS go straight to the band at Zerobudget. We are a non-profit label here to support the bands, its like buying a record from a band at the show directly. Thank you for supporting our artists, our music scene and most importantly independent music in general! Thanks for your support.

Brandon Mohlis-The City of Lost Monsters-for fans of Devin Townsend’s various musical endeavors, Industrial flavored heavy guitar metal.

As you can tell we have a tough time categorizing Brandon’s music. All we can say its a well worth the listen. His ZBR debut is a true full length; captivating hooks and melodies seamlessly blended from track to track! Check out a sound sample here:

Andraste’s Rage-Blood Moon-for fans of Iced Earth, Amon Amarth mixed with thrashy prog rock.

Andraste’s formed from the ashes of These Worlds Collide. Greg stayed on to play bass, Zach switched to drums and Matt added Vocals to his guitar playing. A true POWER trio, these guys crated a killer 5 song EP (despite it being 35 minutes long-most full length albums these days). The production is top notch and it is a prelude of what the band will do on their next offering. Check some out here:

Cantharone-Sons of the Crow-For Fans of Poison the Well, Pantera, Down.

Despite the obvious influence, the band really doesn’t sound like any of them. Yes i realize that is confusing, but trust me it makes sense when you hear and see the band live. Cantharone is one of my personal favorite groups on the label. They blend rock, metal, punk and death metal so effortlessly. As a musician, this band truly challenges myself to want to continue to create.

Astride the Line-Fallow Fields-for fans of Rise Against, Revocation, A Wilhelm Scream.

Its proggy punk with a little thrash and doom influence. It’s a truly unique project as in it had no live supplement. This is music creation for the sake of music creation. Jeremy is the bands sole member who creates song structures with other musicians around him. “Fallow Fields” features several great guest appearance as well.

Kobaloi-Crossing Akheron-Sepultura,Slipknot, Killswitch Engage.

These guys just rock, through and through. Heavy grooves, killer hooks and lots of dynamics make the “Crossing Akheron” EP a killer listen for start to finish. Well worth the listen, proud to have this newer band on our roster.

If you kept reading! Thanks….more albums to come from Rainafire, Mastiff, Graveslave, Hate Beast, Climactic and In Solace. This is turning out to be an insane year! Thanks so much for supporting it! 29 years so far everyone.